Production of small diameter knitting machines, spare parts and service Uniplet brand - UTRE s.r.o.

Company UTRE s.r.o. was started 10 years ago as private firm. Our company is managed and controlled by profesional managers, who have had more than thirties years experience and knowledge with production and sales of the small diameter knitting machines (KMs) type Edis 4.3C, Sabina, Ange, Dera and with reconditioned small diameter KMs and with sales of the spare parts. Now we produce new machine type Edis 4.3C for production fine ladies and health good. The Edis 4.3C are TOP in this category of universal small diameter knitting machines for knitting all structures and patters with positive feeders type EMS 800 or type Ultrafeeder 2.

In 2013 we bought complete design and technological documentation of company Uniplet Group from the bankruptcy administrator. It is a documentation for all types of small-diameter knitting machines. At the same time we bought a whole existing stock of spare parts for these machines.

Newly since 2018 UTRE s.r.o. are made of the small diameter single cylinder machines Edis 4.3C Ø 4 “x 400 or 360 needles. These are universal knitting machines for women’s goods in all structures and styles that demand the market and also for medical fabrics with prescribed compression in these goods. Memminger 800 EFS or Ultrafeeder 2 positive feeders are applied on the machines for 100% quality goods and tensions in the each course of the fabric.

The new production of the spare parts is realized according to the original design documentation, technology and prescribed materials including heat treatment according to the know-how of the company UNIPLET.
We guarantee 100% quality and long life of the components as the original supplier Uniplet.

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