Technical service and assistance

We provide the versatile and worldwide technical service for all knitting machines Ange, Edis and Dera. It should be highlighted that these knitting machines have been working successfully round the world for many years – in more than 90 countries.

We also provide customized technical assistance in order to defined the needful spare-parts or to clarify the technical issue.

Spare parts, sock and stocking styles, graphics software and hardware designed to create styles and patterns are shipped to all our clients by DHL Express or by requested postal service.

Furthermore we offer repair and maintenance services of servo regulators and PC boards for electronic control systems regarding:

  • single cylinder sock knitting machines Ange 11, Ange 12, Ange 13, Ange 14W, Ange 15, Ange 18, Ange 18.1 and Ange 19
  • single cylinder stocking knitting machines Edis 3, Edis 4, Edis 4.1C, Edis 4.2C and Edis 4.3C
  • double cylinder sock knitting machines Dera 3W, Dera 5, Dera 5WJ and Dera 7

On-demand the inspections of skilled technician for mechanical issues or the electro specialist inspections for the maintenance of electronic equipment and components regarding Ange, Edis and Dera machines are provided too.

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